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Powerful drama “Night light” from Mandala Theatre at Derby Studio Theatre

On Friday evening this touring company put on a magnificent performance of their play “Night Light” – the last venue for this tour. It dramatizes the plight of two refugees who arrived as unaccompanied children but are now facing an uncertain future as they approach the age of 18 and will have to present evidence to prove to the Home Office that they still have a right to asylum here. Their anguish is the anguish that all unaccompanied child refugees in the UK face when they reach 18, and many of them are refused asylum.

As the drama unfolds the issues and the traumas of their two stories are movingly and realistically displayed and their anguish becomes ours too. The performance was followed by a discussion with questions to an expert local panel including several refugees, and a lively debate was held. The picture shows the panel, actors and other staff. We all felt the injustice of the present law which results in only a small number of those educated and growing up here being allowed Leave to Remain and so contribute to our economy, and that now it is time to challenge this.