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Derby Local Election Result 2018

Derby Local Election Result 2018

The recent local elections proved intriguing, fascinating and in some places disappointing. Quite intriguing was the fact that UKIP lost 123 seats but gained 3 seats in the entire country. All 3 seats are in Derby. This saw UKIP gain one more seat from the last election. Now, As City of Sanctuary we are a nonpartisan network and movement. Our values are built on inclusiveness, welcome and integrity. The fact that the nation has rejected UKIP’s narrative of us vs them is heart-warming.  Labour were left with 23 seats after the election, losing three in total; Conservatives gained two and have 20 seats, Lib Dems remained the same on five and UKIP gained one seat to bring its total to three.

Mr Poulter (Conservatives), Ms Skelton (Lib Dems) and Mr Graves (UKIP) met the media to set out their intention to vote-in the minority administration. With the support of UKIP and Liberal Democrats the Conservatives are set to take charge of our local authority.

In Derby we have 3 wards that elected UKIP, we have a job to do. We should engage with these wards, understand why people have felt the need to vote UKIP,  provide light on our alternative view of how our city needs to be. Despite the current Government’s hostile environment, we believe the United Kingdom is a welcoming country, a country that celebrates and embraces difference and diversity and Derby is a city that amid the greatest humanitarian crisis refuses to look away but opens up hearts and places of sanctuary offering safety so people who have had their lives devastated by one reason or another can find a place they can call home. In Derby we have seen businesses, places of worship, education and the charitable sector rising to the challenge and becoming places of sanctuary.

Regardless of the position the local legislators take regarding the leadership on Derby Council, we look forward to fully engaging with the new leadership, highlighting the benefits of immigration and fully shining light on the benefits of having Derby as a City of Sanctuary.

Joseph Chivayo

Chair, Derby City of Sanctuary.