WEA (Workers Education Association) awards 2019 brochure said:
East Midlands: outstanding student joint award winner Emson Maneya.

A friend of Emson recommended joining the WEA, and since then Emson has found his silver lining. Initially hesitant as he thought he had no skills to offer Emson has gone from strength to strength and showcased incredible commitment, empathy and perseverance. Not only has Emson succeeded as a student at the WEA he has also gone on to be an incredible volunteer which has improved his health and wellbeing and given him the confidence to make more friends.
Achieving success in his computer skill as well as his personal life Emson has found enjoyment, motivation and confidence through the WEA. Showcasing great spirit and persistence Emson has overcome many obstacles since coming to the UK, now fully integrated into a community where he feels comfortable and at home, Emson is a prime example of openness and inclusivity at the WEA as through volunteering he has become a more confident and well-rounded individual. He has shown great courage and proven adversity is an opportunity in disguise. Emson is now a valuable volunteer at the WEA and contributes to supporting and guiding others. His award was presented at a special event in Nottingham.

Congratulations Emson! from all of us at Derby City of Sanctuary.

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